Blinder App


Research, User Testing, UX design, prototyping, UI/visual design


Five weeks


Domain research, competitive analysis, personas, problem statement, design principles, journey map, app map, wireframes (low, mid, high), mood boards, style tiles, research and design presentations.


Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Keynote, Google Slides, Balsamiq Mockups, Hand Drawing Sketches.

was a challenge given to me, during my Iron Hack Miami UX/UI Design cohort.

The briefing for this app were given with specific instructions to construct a dating app in which the main feature that the investor wanted was that users are not to be able to see each others pictures before matched. In five weeks I was able to develop Blinder, a dating app that connects users by common likes in which the users will unlock the picture of their match by exploring what likes they have in common.


I conducted (5) one on one  interviews and surveys that produced (45) answers.



I conducted (5) one on one  interviews and surveys that produced (45) answers. After knowing about the users, I categorize the ideas and thought and put them into an Affinity Diagram.



Affinity Diagram





Site Map



Lo-Fidelity Sketches









Hi-Fidelity Sketches

 Selected samples of the high fidelity wireframes designed.